5 Ideas To Keep You Busy During Social Isolation

Try these to keep loneliness and frustrations at bay

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I know what you are thinking — What a fucking start to the decade!

You had all these plans you were working towards, which for now have to be put on hold. For some of you, this was the year you were finally going to get a handle on your lives and start your side hustle which you have been thinking about for a while.

While nothing can replace the monumental plans you had, here are some ideas to keep you busy during this time of isolation — to help you hold on to a little bit of sanity.

Build new habits

Think about all the times you have wanted to change something about yourself but never had the time — all the stuff which used to stop you, prevent you from taking the first step.

All the roadblocks have now been put on hold!

With most of us restricted to our homes, we now have most of our obstacles taken care of.

No longer time being spent on commuting

Or picking up kids from soccer

Or getting the car washed.

It means temporarily you now have time to devote to building this new habit.

In the US, an average person spends 26 minutes commuting one way! And if you live in one of these cities, you probably spend the most time stuck in traffic in the world!

And that is just on commute! Now think of all the other activities you are now restricted from doing and the time it saves.

Use it to build a new habit or get rid of an old one.


If you have been wanting to learn something new but could never get to it, now you can redirect some of the time you are saving to learning.

I know you would rather watch Netflix as it is the easier thing to do but there is also a limit to how much of that you can do in a day. Sooner or later, you will be bored and want to do something different.

When that happens, pick up a pen, a notebook and log on to one of the online learning portals and lets begin!

For parents, this could also double up as teaching kids, spending time with them or even learning from them!

Oh and you don’t necessarily have to pick up a new skill. You can also build on existing ones!

Offer Help — Pro Bono

All of us can use help in times of a global crisis like this.

I am not asking you to get out and about just to help people. Thanks to the network of cables all around the world and a bunch of satellites above, we can now provide help over the internet.

You might have a skill set that can help a struggling business — offer it pro bono.

Perhaps you are a coach and a trainer who can help people upskill. Try and run free sessions.

Musicians are already streaming music live online. Is there something similar you can do with your skill set or your privilege?

If you can, then it is worth giving, helping, entertaining.

Self Care — Restore, Recharge and Rejuvenate

Self isolation is an opportunity to reclaim some of the health you have lost over the years

The long sleepless nights

Caffeinated mornings

12 plus hours of work days

Eating in between meetings

With nowhere to go and not a lot of work at hand for most of us, this is a good time to let your body heal!

Put on a mask

Try different skin remedies to cleanse your skin.

Sleep 12 hours maybe even more

Do exercises that you can at home.

Practice mindful eating

Time to dump those sleeping pills and reclaim your health


You remember those distant dreams where you dreamt of building something — a drawing, maybe a product, a dish worthy of being on Masterchef or an app which solves a problem for over a million people.

It all starts with the first step, which funnily enough, you can take now.

So pull out the apron or the canvas or maybe even a box of Legos and start on the imaginary product of yours.

Bring it to life and see the magic unfold!

Better yet, take your social followers on the journey along with you to inspire them

Best — challenge them to create something and then challenge someone else just to keep this going!

As the saying goes, it is darkest before dawn. Use these ideas as a torch to guide you in this darkness.

In short, take a step to the life you wished you had.

Learn. Create. Offer Help. Restore Your Health. Build New Habits.

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I write about Happiness, Productivity and Minimalism | https://tuseetjha.com. | I write a weekly newsletter on Happiness: https://bit.ly/32Y6qY7

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