6 Non Financial Investments Everyone Should Start Early In Life

Including suggestions on how you can start.

Tuseet Jha
12 min readOct 18, 2020


Piggy bank — 6 non financial investments everyone should start early in life
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Let’s be honest here for a second — We all want our time to be worth something.

We do what we do hoping it will lead to something good that will come back to us whether now or in the future. We do it with our time, we do it with our money and we do it by putting in the effort.

Some of us of course make it big in the process — we become famous, win awards and get a cult following. But the majority of us hope we can live a comfortable life without a lot of regrets in life.

Here are 6 non financial investments everyone should make, which have nothing to do with money but with returns better than anything money could ever get.

Critical Thinking

“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”

~ Edgar Allen Poe

Learn to take everything with a pinch of salt. Instead of judging someone on appearance, question everything about them. Critical thinking is the ability to decide what to believe or not believe based on the data you have at hand.

It helps you have reasonable arguments, see the bigger picture, get exposed to alternate perspectives and change your mind based on the facts available. It encourages curiosity, which leads you to ask questions and challenge the status quo.

Developing this habit makes you a great problem solver and innovator. Some of the biggest problems of our time have been solved by asking the right questions.

Why don’t we do [x] this way?

What if we tried to do it in a different way?

Why not…?

What does this mean?

Critical thinking will allow you to get rid of your cognitive biases, free you from your negative thinking, and help you overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back in any area of your life.

Most importantly. Critical thinking helps you sort through junk mail. More than 80% of the content on the internet is bad and incorrect. Fake news keeps getting bigger and bigger on a daily basis and for you to separate the wheat…



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