8 Writing Ideas For When You Run Out Of Ideas

Ideas to help you get your mojo back

Inspiration is a difficult friend.

You sit for hours and hours, trying to put words on paper but all you find yourself staring at, is a blank sheet of paper.

In a moment of extreme inspiration, you promised to write daily and now on the 17th day of that promise, you remember why you have tried and failed at this before.

The memories are painful and this is about to be the 8th time you are going to break the same promise to yourself — that of being consistent with your writing, all because you have once again run out of ideas.

I am no superhero but I have some ideas that can help save your day. Ideas that, unlike inspiration are there in times of this need.

Here are the ideas you can tap into, the next time writer’s block punches you in the face.

Quotes from a famous person — alive or dead

Any famous and successful person has a lot of nuggets that they throw out in the world from time to time. Words of wisdom that millions lap up like a hungry dog lapping up milk.

All you have to do is use your friend — Google to find those nuggets, collect them in one place and add a few lines expanding on that wisdom.

Difficult? I don’t think so.

Recycle an old article

Recycling things are in fashion these days. From your old clothes to that article you wrote years ago, everything is up for grabs.

Take a piece that you wrote some time back and either expand on it or cut it or even combine it with another piece and viola — you have a completely new article — one that is trending more with the times.

Not only have you written your quota for the day, you have also helped the environment by recycling.

Feel good or feel good?

Copy an author’s piece word to word

You know those drool worthy authors who you follow so religiously? You share their work, you hang on to every sentence they write and secretly on the inside, you wish that you were as good as they are.

Every time you read something written by them, it’s like they are right in your head. Like they know how you feel.

Find a couple of such pieces and just copy it word to word. Try to put yourself in that author’s mind-frame.

If nothing, it will help you improve your writing when done enough times.

Take an author’s article & add your own twist to it

You have an opinion. Better yet, you have a different opinion!

Find a piece that wrankled you. Shook you! Look it in the eye and then get ready to prepare your defense.

Write, write and write until your fingers bleed. Get it to be so emotionally heart wrenching that you manage to win some fans and anger a few with it!

After all, haters gonna hate.

Write a letter

Letters are vintage. Letters are old school. But letters are also hard to forget. You might not remember what somebody said in an email but a letter — boy that would be hard to forget.

Write a letter to a friend/parents/family apologizing/praising/thanking. You don’t have to send it to them. You can if you want but this is more an exercise in writing than in being honest or forgiving or thanking.

Invert an old article

Take something you wrote before and completely flip your stance on it. Just like flipping burgers.

It is good to sometimes forget that you don’t have a spine and you are willing to change sides at the slightest of discomfort.

You don’t even have to call it that. You can do this and call yourself a liberal or call it expanding your worldview. Or don’t justify it all, because more than anything, it is the lack of a justification that just gets to your readers!

Recall your most painful experience

We remember the painful moments more than the happy ones. In fact, in just writing these three sentences, I have recalled 83645 of them and writhe on the floor hurting (Think ROFL but the opposite).

That is 83645 new articles or 83645 days of bouncing back! I mean if that doesn’t make you resilient, then I don’t know what does.

Describe your most mortifying moment

Remember those cringe worthy moments? The ones where you wish a sinkhole appeared just so you could disappear?

Well, guess what — people like reading about those. Not only that, if you do a good job, they think you are being vulnerable. And vulnerability is the craze right now.

I am sure you have a book full of those to write about eh?

Which one are you going to write about next?

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I write about Happiness, Productivity and Minimalism | https://tuseetjha.com. | I write a weekly newsletter on Happiness: https://bit.ly/32Y6qY7

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