Here Is How Humans Are Coming Together To Fight Corona Virus

13 stories of resilience that will restore your faith in humanity.

2020 happens to be the start of the new decade. 2020 also happens to be the year that will be remembered for the pandemic more than anything else.

No matter who you are and where you are reading this from, you have been impacted by this pandemic.

All of us have been.

Some of you are probably very anxious right now, having a hard time being positive. Even the most positive among us are having a hard time being their cheerful and happy selves.

I know because I am one of those people. I write about happiness and have a weekly newsletter that I send out — also on happiness!

Yet here I am struggling. And the worst part — you wont be able to tell if you talk to me that I am having a hard time accepting what is going on.

But old habits die hard! Being a perpetual optimist, I started to look for the silver lining in all this and as I was doing that, I realized, it is unfair to not share it with the rest of the world.

Maybe it will help calm an anxious person. Or perhaps it will help someone worried endure.

Best case scenario — it saves someone from a panic attack or from attempting suicide because what you are going to read, see and hear below, will slightly restore your faith in humanity.

So, without further ado, here are some stories of resilience, kindness, positivity and innovation happening around the world to save humanity from this pandemic.

Humans all around the world are showing solidarity and strength by helping out.

Mother who worked on the testing kit until the last minute.

700,000 people sign up to the NHS corona virus volunteer army.

App launched to track corona virus spread and help combat it

Emergency shelter for homeless people during COVID19 Response.

The Team of volunteers fact checking corona virus.

A mother shares a list of things to do with your kids while stuck at home.

Sikh volunteers donating food.

NY couple uses a 3D printer to make masks. Releases the design so others could make it as well.

Innovative decontamination of N95 masks to make them reusable.

Hotel opens up free rooms to healthcare workers.

15 year old gives away hundreds of free corona virus sanitation kits.

20 Dutch musicians weave together Beethoven’s best melody from their home.

35+ Organizations Helping Restaurants, Workers, and Farmers Survive COVID-19.

How are you contributing to this fight?

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