The Magical Benefits Of Writing

That I couldn’t predict when I started…

It took me two years to start writing. I had so much to say but could never figure out how to get it across while talking. It just never came out the way I anticipated!

When I started writing, my goal was to write one article per week and while I faltered during some weeks when I was traveling, I still managed to write quite a lot (over 50000 words with this article). I was also able to start writing for a couple of publications on medium, which only reinforced my belief that I can write better than I can speak. Although 50000 words isn’t a lot, it is still more than 0 or 100 or 1000. A lot more!

What I didn’t anticipate, are the benefits listed in this piece. Writing for me was a way to journal my thoughts and think deeper about them but as a result, it also led to some other changes for me. I had an idea about how my life might change but there were some magical changes that I could not predict!

I started reading a lot more

After I wrote 10 pieces, I started running out of things to write about. Historically, I was not good at making notes when reading a book and neither did I journal my thoughts, so I didn’t have much to refer back to. My only option was to start reading and to read quicker than I write! But because of my writing, I read more books in the last 3 months of 2018 than I read in the first nine months!

You can check out my wishlist here. Also, here is the list of some thought-provoking books I read in 2018.

I became selective about my reading

I used to read anything that piqued my curiosity or anything that I anticipated even remotely could be of use in the future.

I would read pieces on blockchain and cryptocurrency even though I was not actively investing.

I would read about startups and running a business when I actually never have owned a business!

I would read opinion pieces on politics when I didn’t really care about politics

The thing about information is, if it is not the right information at the right time, you are better off bypassing it than spending time analyzing it.

It led me to expand my vocabulary

I started chuckling instead of smiling, ruminating instead of pondering and eschewing instead of avoiding.

I just messaged a friend the other day about how something she had posted made me chuckle. The first thought I had right after I sent that message was this:

I don’t remember the last time I used that word!

These are all words that I had come across in the past but never really made much of. Writing made me stop and take notice because sometimes, they added an elegance that was otherwise missing from the sentence.

I started questioning some deep-rooted beliefs

I used to look down upon people who would sit idle all day. I also believed that quitting is for losers and I loved to dream big. All that changed when I started writing. I had to question my beliefs. Had to dig deeper to understand where I picked up those beliefs and how much truth there was to what I believed.

I started questioning the idea of following our passion and found out that there is more to life than going after what you might be passionate about. I realized that finding my passion was the exact reason why I was procrastinating from taking action!

I gave up on time management and started trying to manage my energy instead.

Long story short, I don’t condone sitting idle and quitting as I used to and I have stopped dreaming big!

Writing was therapeutic

There are times in your life that you just need people to listen. Not give their own perspective. Not their side. Not present any alternatives but just listen.

Lastly, that is what writing helped me with. I could just put words to paper and in an instant feel this heavy weight lift off. Like I had poured whatever I had to say without losing any energy defending myself or any counter-arguments presented against my stand.

Like Flintstones In the Middle Of A Desert

Writing has been a journey. I still have a long way to go and I don’t know if it will ever end but what I have discovered so far, has been a lot like discovering Flintstones world on my way to the Grand Canyon. It made me squeal in delight and made the journey even more memorable.

All the benefits above have been additional bonuses and just goes to show that when you set out on a journey, it is not the destination that is important but rather the person you become on that journey.

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