The One Thing Keeping Me Sane During This Pandemic

In my case, it is like meditation but better

Seated buddha figure in between two lighted candles — One thing keeping me sane during this pandemic
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Staying at home is already mind numbing isn’t it?

You have already tried everything you could think of. You have watched all the popular shows that were on your watch list — not just on Netflix but also on Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and apple TV.

Your phone is full of all types of games that you are bored playing.

You are all caught up on the TikTok and Instagram stories.

And you are tired of all the memes flying around as they aren’t funny anymore

All you wanted was to be able to do this but now that you get to do it, the sheen is already wearing out.

With things being in a constant state of flux, and with no end in sight, you can’t help but wonder

“When is this going to end?”

I spent the first few days thinking the same. I tried to sleep, meditate, bury myself in work and even downloaded a few games to keep myself busy.

But despite all that, I kept coming back to one thing — writing.

It centered me. It is like meditation except — in my case — better.

It is the only thing that I look forward to daily.

Like meditation, writing helps me reduce stress by taking my mind away from all the panic. It helps me control my anxiety because it slows me down and makes me think.

In reducing my stress and controlling my anxiety, it makes me emotionally healthier and stronger.

At a time when I find it hard to focus for the most part of my day, writing lengthens my attention span. It keeps me in the zone. Helps me stay focused!

Most importantly, it quiets all the buzz in my brain and helps me get a good night’s sleep! A deeper better quality of sleep. I know this one because I track my sleep and for the last few weeks, the days I have slept the best, are the days where I sat down and wrote — until I couldn’t write anymore.

But that was all that I needed.

So I urge you to get off your couch and find something that helps you do the same. It doesn’t have to be writing.

Maybe it is reading or calligraphy or drawing. Perhaps it is singing or dancing or listening to music.

Or it could be that you like to build things or create art.

Whatever it is, find that and let it center you. Protect you. Shield you and keep you sane.

As I finish writing this, it is 11:03 PM where I am but a wave of calmness has ascended over me. My eyes are already droopy and the body is ready to go to sleep.

And because I was able to write, it doesn’t matter that the number of people infected with Corona virus has reached 2,439,962 (almost 2.5 million) and rising as you read this.

All that matters is that I survived another day locked in my house — and writing allowed me to do that.

What is the one thing that has helped you stay sane?

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